Heron Instruments

Heron Instruments offers the variety of water monitoring equipment certified for marketing in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Company, headquartered in Dundas, Canada, constantly conducts researches and develops its products to win the laurels of the best producer of the water measuring instruments.

Oil/Water Interface Meter H.OILThe first tool produced by Heron Instruments was the H.OIL oil/water interface meter that became popular firstly in Canada, and then was distributed in USA and all over the world. It was in 1995, and since that time HI developed the wide range of accurate, reliable and long-living devices that provide users with the full array of measurements and continuous monitoring of water levels and quality in all surroundings, surface and ground waters, in natural and artificial reservoirs.

Product line

We want to introduce you the list of instruments made by Heron company available on the market.

  • oil/water interface meters are represented in two models: H.OIL and Sm.OIL oil interface levels. Both are designed to measure the level of interface between liquids in tanks, wells, different reservoirs. They work on the similar principle, using the conductivity of water and non-conductivity of DNAPLs and LNAPLs. They differ only in size and tape length;
  • Water Level Meter dipper-Twater level meters come in seven models that have various tape lengths, probe sizes and technical characteristics. What unites these devices is that they help to measure and monitor the level of water in all kinds of aquifers, and their high quality and accurate reliable results. Water level meters can be used to measure the full depth of the well or tank, detect falling water level during wellbore development, cleaning, etc. Heron represents different additional accessories to make these instruments universal and multifunctional;
  • Conductivity Plus is to measure the conductivity, temperature and water levels;
  • Dipper-Temp-110 and -80 are the models of the temperature and static water level meters. Changes in salinity and temperature can severely influence the water quality in natural reservoirs and wells, our wearproof and precise tools help to control these parameters;
  • several models of groundwater data loggers provide accurate long time monitoring of water level and temperature in various waterbodies, and the borehole inspection camera Dipper-See allows hands-free wide angle viewing the wells and open water basins.

All instruments are made of robust and longwearing materials resistant to high temperatures and pressures, contaminants and hazardous environment.

Approvals, Distributors and Associations

Heron Instruments’ oil/water interface meters are certified and approved for safe and secure operation in hazardous and fire-dangerous sites by the Canadian Standard Association and the American National Standards Institute with Underwriters Labs. The HI company is a member of many other world-known associations of water and ecology researchers and water equipment producers:

  • National Rural Water Association;
  • British Columbia Ground Water Association;
  • Texas Ground Water Association;
  • Alberta Water Well Drilling Association;
  • Califronia Groundwater Association;
  • University of Waterloo, Water Institute;
  • Water Environment Federation and others.

Enjoying the world-wide popularity, the Heron Instruments production is distributed in all corners of Earth. Our online store ENVIEQ signed the contract and now we are the official distributor of their equipment and tools. And now we can propose to our clients the best quality instruments, but also available for fair acceptable price.

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