Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

Low flow groundwater sampling, or low-stress sampling, is a new method of checking water in wells. The innovatory technique lays in taking very small volume of water in a period of time, the low-stress term means that water sampling goes without redundant interfusion of liquids between different levels of the well. The low flow pumps sample the certain screen without disturbance water above and under or suction the soils from the bottom or walls of the borehole. The flow rate has to be equal or less than the groundwater increment into the well.

In comparison with the old facilities, the low-flow sampling devices use a few liters for analysis against multiply volumes of a bore pit. Taking water from the certain level, you can see the quality of water in every particular formation surrounding. All you need is to place the pump to the desired level and check the foreign materials and chemicals there.

Proactive Twister

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In our online-store you can find the equipment for this operation. To proceed the analysis you will need Low Flow Water Sampling Booster and Controller and 12 volt groundwater sampling pumps. One of the most known brand that represents such facilities is Proactive. We have various models of both pumps and controllers of this manufacturer, you will need to choose the combination according to your tasks.

The pumps differ in accordance to the depth they can be submerged and diameter. All models are proof for harmful environmental effects, turbidity, can work continuously for hundreds or hours and do not overheat. The depths vary from 7 meters (model Cyclone) to 67 meters (model Abyss). However, the most popular models are:

  • 12 volt sampling pump Twister 18 meters
  • 12 volt sampling pump Tornado 30 meters

Low Flow Sampling Controller

Low flow controllers have mostly the same characteristics:

  • protection form reversal polarity;
  • resistance to heat, bad weather conditions;
  • 6 months guaranteed operation;
  • safety fuse protection;
  • regulate sampling at flows from 40 ml per minute;
  • comfortable and solid metal handhold;
  • wired connection between battery, pump and controller.

The models of controllers can go with a booster and differ from each other due to the motors they can work with. The pumps that work on deep levels, need a booster and higher capacities of the controller. The lists of the compliant models are in instructions you can find on the site.

The installation and maintenance is easy, the equipment works unmanned for a long time. Manuals for all models are user-friendly, all you need is to connect the controller to the booster and motor and turn the unit on.

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