Portable Gas Detectors RAE Systems MultiRAE Series

RAE Systems, Inc. is a company that is headquartered in California, USA. It produces the facilities for controlling and monitoring of the working spaces, industrial and construction sites, mining, and refining on a real-time basis. It was established by the American businessmen Robert I. Chen and Peter Hsi, and in 2013 it was sold to Honeywell International Inc. RAE Systems kept its name and field of work, it became a subsidiary company of the international corporation and got the approach to the markets all over the world.

RAE produces high-quality and precision instruments that detect gases, contaminants, and radiation, they provide wire-free and mobile technologies, easy to use and operate. One of the most popular categories of their products is the MultiRAE family of portable gas detectors.

MultiRAE SeriesMultiRAE Benzene

This series is represented in several models:

  • Portable Multi-Gas Monitor MultiRAE;
  • Portable Multi-Gas Monitor MultiRAE Lite Diffused;
  • Wireless Multi-Gas Monitor MultiRAE Lite Pumped;
  • Portable Multi-Gas Monitor MultiRAE Benzene;
  • Radiation & Chemical Detector MultiRAE Pro.

They all have their specific features, but let’s first see what unites them. These models are handy and wearable, designed to work in most hazardous situations. MultiRAE monitors decrease the hazards and dangers for workers and controllers in various situations and working places. With these instruments you do not have to waste lots of time on monitoring and inspections, they make it easy and quick. They all combine the capabilities to detect up to 6 gases and may be equipped with more than twenty various sensor combinations, including a photoionization detector for volatile organic compounds and a nondispersive infrared sensor for optical detection of various contaminants.

The MultiRAE Lite model is a basic configuration, it comes in two variants — diffused and pumped, it means that one of them has a pump to intake the ambient air, and another uses the diffusion. The benzene model is specifically designed to find and measure the carbons, alongside other dangerous elements. The Pro model is multi-threat equipment that provides timely and reliable protection from chemical pollutants and radiation at once.

Applications and Benefits

MultiRAE Lite Pump Version

The multi-gas detectors MultiRAE Series provide safety and security at industrial sites, oil and gas production platforms, ecological works, pharmaceutical companies, and chemical factories. Among the advantages of this series we have to point out the following:

  • an effective alarm system, with a loud sound, bright light signalization, vibration, and the ability to transfer the alarm signals to the command center about hazardous elements or man-down situations;
  • comfortable design that makes the instruments light and portable quickly configured, and easily maintained;
  • the construction is solid and durable, resistant to water and dust;
  • all models have a readable large display, comfortably placed buttons, and built-in GPS for tracing the workers in the field;
  • the variety of sensors detect all kinds of organic elements, solid particulates, dangerous gases, combustibles, and gamma radiation;
  • with the help of these portable handy tools, the safety providers can find leakages of dangerous chemicals, fire sources, and consequences of the technological accidents.

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