• 12V Peristaltic Pump Alexis

    • Pumps up to 1.9 liters per minute or as low as 40 mL per minute
    • Suction lift up to 8 m
    • Supplied with one pump head
    • AC adapter for 120 volts. For international use, the Alexis has the ability to operate on 220 volts direct with correct mini-transformer (Item # CONVERT 220V/110V) (Please Note: The International Voltage Converter is sold separately upon request)
    • Dimensions: Depth 21 cm x Width 45 cm x Height 34 cm
    • Weight of Product: 17 kg
    1,829.00  excl. VAT

    12V Peristaltic Pump Alexis

    1,829.00  excl. VAT

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