AMS Environmental Soil Sampling Kit

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  • Regular, sand and mud augers
  • Cross handle
  • Split soil core sampler
  • Slide hammer
  • Three 1.2m extensions
  • Plastic liner, plastic end caps
  • Wrenches, and cleaning brush
  • Rugged, foam-padded hard-sided AMS deluxe carrying case with handles and wheels.
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Used in soils with low levels of contaminants or where equipment will be cleaned using an acid bath technique. Contains the same components as the basic kit but in all stainless.
Includes: Regular, sand and mud augers, cross handle, split soil core sampler, slide hammer, three 1.2m extensions, plastic liner, plastic end caps, wrenches, and cleaning brush in a rugged, foam-padded hard-sided AMS deluxe carrying case with handles and wheels.
Deluxe kit also includes: 25 plastic liners, 50 plastic end caps, 50 fluoropolymer swatches for enhanced core sealing, and a #2 AMS stainless steel scoop.


Use of the augers for accessing the sampling point at depths of up to about 3.6 m with the supplied extensions and AMS slide hammer. The sample may be collected within a removable retaining cylinder (liner). Plastic end caps are included.


AMS Soil augers are designed to rapidly remove soils of all types, using the specially designed bits on the Regular, Mud, and Sand models. The auger tips are tungsten carbide hard-surfaced and heat-treated before sharpening.
The core sampler features a heat-treated coring tip on the cylinder and a threaded end cap. All attachment couplings are signature series threaded.


For your convenience, all the items necessary for accessing a sampling point and then taking a sample are included. AMS soil buckets are the most efficient available in terms of effort required and speed. The AMS Core Sampler allows immediate core examination or a sample may be collected in a retaining cylinder for later use.


Assemble the chosen soil auger with an extension and cross handle. Place at the desired angle on the soil surface and turn three revolutions, or until full. Lift carefully from the hole and empty from the bail by tapping the cross handle on the ground. Repeat until the sampling depth is reached. Assemble core sampler to an extension(s) and slide hammer. Place in the hole and mark the extension six inches (5.1 m) above the soil surface. Use the slide hammer to drive in the sampler to the mark and carefully remove. Disassemble, remove the liner and place the cap on each end.

Lead time is about 15 business days

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