ATEX Gas Analyser Geotech SEM5000

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SEM5000 is intended specifically for use in the landfill sector assisting operators in detecting surface emissions and ensuring that all industry safety standards for gaseous exchange are met.

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The SEM5000 Portable Methane Detector is the ideal instrument for landfill surface emissions monitoring, reporting, and detecting potential leaks at wellheads and surface penetrations. Thanks to our patented laser technology.
The SEM5000 is selective, specifically to Methane, and is able to detect Methane emissions from 0ppmVol to 100%Vol concentration.


  • Specific to Methane
  • Wide Measurement Range (0 ppm to 100%volume)
  • Rapid Response (Less than 2.5 seconds)
  • Integral GPS and Bluetooth
  • GPS Accuracy: 2-4 Metres
  • ATEX Certified – Zone 1
  • Laser Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Selector Dial Interface
  • Proprietary Software
  • Hot-Swap Battery
  • Expanded Memory
  • Biennial Calibration


  • No Cross-Gas effect or False Readings
  • Accurate Measurement
  • No Additional Devices Required
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Highly Accurate, No Flame, No Hydrogen
  • Weighs Half as Much as CompetingTechnologies
  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Reporting Functions
  • Holds up to 480 Hours of Scan Data
  • Saves Money

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