Conductivity & Temp Meter Solinst TLC 107

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This model is specifically designed to be used in open water along with drill-holes or wells.


This model is specifically designed to be used in open water along with drill-holes or wells. Its main function is detecting conductivity and temperature.

The precision of the data reaches up to 5% and is read from 0-80,000 µS/cm or 100 µS.

A solid PVDF flat tape shows all the data about water deepness or the probe due to the special laser markings which show the user every millimeter. In addition there are numerous length options for such tapes – maximum of 300 m.

Conductivity & Temp Meter Solinst TLC 107:

  • 300 m. of maximum tape length
  • Sturdy reel with precisely marked tape
  • Probe diameter 19 mm
  • Rotating screen makes reading completely effortless
  • 9V battery serves as an economic energy source with 90 hours of work
  • Automatic turn-off in 8 minutes

Water Conductivity Measurements:

The data is collected with a help of a special detector which has platinum electrodes in it. The display shows the results and demonstrates the temperature. Temperature is set up to 25°C. The conductivity difference is 2.0% per °C.

Calibration uses 1413 µS, 5000 µS, 12,880 µS, and/or 80,000 µS options for 1, 2, 3, or 4 point handheld conductivity normalizations.

Water Temperature Measurements:

Conditions of working are minimum -15ºC and maximum +50ºC. All the results are also available to be shown in ºF. Precision goes up to +/- 0.2°C with Celsius, or +/- 0.4°F with Fahrenheit. You can compare all results due to the standardization to 25ºC.

Water Level & Depth Measurements:

When the probe touches water, the circuit closes up, activating the sound and a one-second shut down of the display. After that markings on the tape show the measurement of water level. Short sound signal goes with taking the probe out of water.

Tape Guide And Hanger protect the tape from harm of possible sharp rims of the well.

Conductivity & Temp Meter Solinst TLC 107 Rugged PVDF Flat Tape:

Straight position in the tank or drill hole is provided by the excellent smoothly reeling tape. The markings on the tapes allow precise accuracy in measurements that don’t depend on the temperature. Water surface doesn’t stick to the tape due to the special waterproof covering. Ergonomic design of the reels which include comfortable handgrip and a solid holder for probes makes them easy and pleasant in usage. The 9v battery within easy reach is very quick to replace. The conductors are covered with copper and are corrosion proof. Also such covering provides their non-extensibility and makes them sturdy.

Conductivity & Temp Meter Solinst TLC 107 Applications:

  • Detecting conductivity and temperature
  • Investigations of the salt level
  • Check how road salt effects water quality
  • Tracer check ups
  • Overall investigation of pollution
  • Earlier notice quality changes at:

– Landfills

– Places with industrial objects

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