Electromagnetic Flow Meter RKMAG

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  • Specific for installations with “0 diameters” near curves, fittings etc …
  • Dn 50 ÷ 300 mm
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5%
  • Power supply 85 ÷ 265 Vac o 12; 24 Vac/Vdc
  • Remote control via Smartphone

SGM Lektra presents a new type of electromagnetic flowmeter with plastic sensors: RKmag. Because of its particular inner shape the mounting of the unit requires no straight pipe lengths before and after the meter. The converter is equipped with a large, bright, removable O-LED display and can mount a pen-drive USB data logger. The configurable outputs can be analogic, pulse and MODBUS RTU and alarm messages are managed by 2 configurable relays. RKmag is suitable for use with a wide range of conductive liquids, even chemically aggressive: the electrode materials can be selected according to the chemical properties of the fluid.


Flow rate range RKMAG is able to process signals from fluids with flow rates of up to 10m / s in both directions (bidirectional meter).
Range dimension / lining material neoprene DN50 ÷ DN300
Sensor material SS321
Housing material epoxy painted aluminium
Electrodes material SS316L – Hastelloy C
Measure range <3m³/h ÷ >2400m³/h
Accuracy ±0,5% standard; ±0,2% optional
Repeatability ±0,1%
Fluid conductivity >5μS/cm.
Power supply 85÷265Vac, 24Vac/dc, 12Vdc.
Consumption 6W, max. 8W.
Ambient Temperature Limits Remote version operating temperature: -10 ÷ +80°C
Compact version operating temperature: -10 ÷ +80°C
Storage temperature: -40÷85°C
Communication protocol Modbus RTU or Bluetooth App Android (opt.) or Hart (opt.)
Data Logger Internal data logger to USB pen drive for flow measurements and analog inputs storing; the measurement storage interval can be set from 15 to 3600 seconds
Output 4÷20mA: 0÷500Ω
Frequency output: 0,1÷10000Hz
Pulse output: 24Vdc galvanically isolated or open collector galvanically isolated 24V 20mA (opt)
Alarm output: 2 relays, 3A 230Vac N.O.
Input signals RKMAG has 2 active analog inputs at 24Vdc for 2-wire transmitters connection (eg. Temperature or pressure) and 1 digital input for an external contact connection for the integrated batch function restart and for partial totalizer management.
Reverse Flow Allows measure and totalization of reverse flow.
Output Testing Relays output: Transmitter can switch relays at testing value.
Current Source: Transmitter can be commanded to supply a specified test current between 4.0 and 20.0 mA.
Frequency Source: Transmitter can be commanded to supply a specified test frequency between 1 ÷ 10000 Hz.
Low Flow Cutoff Adjustable. Below selected value, instantaneous flow and outputs are driven to the zero flow rate signal level.
Humidity Limits 0-100% RH to 150 °F (65 °C), not condensing.
Damping Adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds.
Compact version IP rating IP67
Remote version IP rating sensor IP67 / IP68 (by request)
converter IP67
Anti-condensation filter Anti-condensation filter installed on converter

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