MID Certified Electromagnetic Flow Meter RPMAGM

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  • Dn 10 ÷ 250
  • Accuracy: class II
  • RUBBER / PTFE lining
  • Power supply 85 ÷ 265 Vac or 12; 24 Vac/Vdc
  • Configuration and displaying via VL701 with O-LED display

RPmagM with MID certification is suitable for all industrial processes where fiscal and custody transfers are required. It complies to 2014/32/EU directive and to OIML R 49-1/2/3, EN 14154-1/2/3, ISO 4064-1/2/5 standards. Various materials for lining are available, as well as electrodes made of Hastelloy C, tantalum and titanium. The converter can be supplied with the most common communication systems such as MODBUS RTU.


Flow rate range RPmag is able to process signals from fluids with flow rates of up to 10 m/s in both directions (bidirectional meter).
Range dimension/lining material PTFE DN10 ÷ DN250
RUBBER DN10 ÷ DN2500
Sensor material SS321
Housing material epoxy painted aluminium
Electrodes material SS316L – Hastelloy C – Titanium – Tantalum – Platinum
Measure range R=Q3/Q1 ≤40; Q2/Q1=1,6
Accuracy Class II
Repeatability ±0,1%
Fluid conductivity >5μS/cm.
Power supply 85÷265Vac, 24Vac/dc, 12Vdc.
Consumption 6W, max. 8W.
Temperature class T50
Ambient Temperature Limits Remote version operating temperature: RUBBER -10 ÷ +80°C; PTFE -40 ÷ +150°C
Compact version operating temperature: RUBBER -10 ÷ +80°C; PTFE -40 ÷ +100°C
Storage temperature: -40÷85°C
Communication protocol Modbus
Output 4÷20mA: 0÷500Ω
Frequency output: 0,1÷10000Hz
Pulse output: 24Vdc galvanically isolated or open collector galvanically isolated 24V 20mA (opt)
Alarm output: 2 relays, 3A 230Vac N.O.
Reverse Flow Allows measure and totalization of reverse flow.
Output Testing Relays output: Transmitter can switch relays at testing value.
Current Source: Transmitter can be commanded to supply a specified test current between 4.0 and 20.0 mA.
Frequency Source: Transmitter can be commanded to supply a specified test frequency between 1 and 10000 Hz.
Humidity Limits 0-100% RH to 150 °F (65 °C), non condensing.
Damping Adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds.
Compact version IP rating IP67
Remote version IP rating sensor IP67 / IP68 (by request)
converter IP67
Anti-condensation filter Anti-condensation filter installed on converter


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