Float switch Drop

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  • 3 Waterproof chambers;
  • trim variation;
  • 20° activation angle;
  • mercury-free;
  • 10m Neoprene cable.
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3 Waterproof chambers, trim variation, 20° activation angle, mercury-free, with 10m Neoprene cable.

Three watertight chambers level regulator with a freely suspended trim variation.
Unlike traditional floats that floats on the water surface, the DROP thanks to its special construction with integrated counterweight, remains underwater.
Used in a couple with another of the same type allows you to adjust the levels of minimum and maximum.
It’s also possible to use a third and fourth regulator respectively for minimum and maximum alarm.
Suitable for level regulation in drainage plants, pumping stations, and dirty water systems.
100% Recyclable, produced without chemical products.

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