Personal Air Sampling Pump Gilian 800i

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This model is used for high backpressure apps.

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This model is used for high backpressure apps.

Potent Gilian 800i targets apps which require a 200 to 800 cc/min flow range and backpressures up to 80” H2O. The presented device makes a perfect match for VOC controlling apps which use thermal desorption tubes, as well as alternative variants of NIOSH method 2549 and EPA TO-17.

A memory-free NiMH battery pack serves as a source of energy and guarantees more than 8 hrs of work on one charge. In addition, it charges very quickly – within 4 hrs. A special interface and a keypad control it, and make it possible to attune the pump for different working regimes.

This device is ratified to be used in dangerous sites, so it is a very sturdy and advanced individual air pump.


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