Control Panel Grundfos CU 300

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The CU 300 enables control of the pump on the basis of sensor signals, setting of operating parameters, monitoring of operation and alarm indication.

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The control unit CU 300 is developed for the SQE submersible pumps. The CU 300 enables:

  • control of the pump on the basis of sensor signals,
  • the setting of operating parameters,
  • monitoring of operation and alarm indication, if any.

The CU 300 indicates the following alarms:

  • No contact,
  • Overvoltage,
  • Undervoltage,
  • Dry running,
  • Speed reduction,
  • Overtemperature,
  • Overload,
  • Sensor alarm.

The CU 300 receives alarm signals from the motor for the following parameters:

  • Dry running.
  • Incipient pump/motor defect.
  • The too high temperature in motor electronics.
  • Supply failure.

As standard, the CU 300 incorporates an alarm signal relay.

The CU 300 enables the use of:

  • Remote control R100: Wireless infra-red remote control by means of the R100 enables change of factory settings and monitoring of the installation by calling up actual operating data, e.g. speed, operating hours and power consumption.
  • External sensors: Reception of data from external sensors and control according to the data received, e.g. flow rate, pressure, water level and conductivity.
  • External potentiometer SPP 1: Manual speed control.


Approvals on nameplate: UL, CUL, JET, CISPR-14-tickmark, CE


Material: PPO


Range of ambient temperature: -30 .. 50 °C

Electrical data:

Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Rated voltage: 1 x 100-240 V
Rated current: 12 A
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): IP55


Net weight: 2 kg

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