What is a leachate?

The word “leachate” is commonly used in its ecological context, meaning the water or liquid that percolates through a landfill and carries the high concentration the dissolved or suspended matter of the industrial wastes or putrescibles. It drains from the soil or the dumped wastes and severely harms the environment. In its wide meaning, leachate is any liquid that has passed through any matter and extracted its components.

Concerning land-filling, leachates pose a great danger to the ambient soils, water bodies and air. The water vapor from the atmosphere precipitates on the waste deposits and drains through them, becoming extremely polluted with hazardous materials. The water that flows out of the landfills can also comprise the products of the dissolution of hydrocarbons, e.g. methane, organic acids, carbonic anhydride, alkanal and sugar.

Managing leachates

To minimize the hazardous impact of the waste dumps, you have to monitor the quality of the leaching water and, if needed, take actions on its remediation. These actions will necessarily include the organization of discharging lines, filter systems and sumps, and you certainly cannot do it without a robust and efficient pump.

Landfill leachateIn Envieq Store you can find the wide range of electric and pneumatic pumps manufactured by such famous companies as:

  • Officine Di Trevi, Italy;
  • Viridian Systems, the United Kingdom;
  • QED Environmental Systems, the USA. Their products are marketed under the well-known brand Geotech.

Italians produce the electric pumps for the water remediation. We have the models Alpha, Beta and Treinch, all in various configurations. Diameter of the Alpha and Beta pumps is 4 inches, Treinch — 3 inches. All models differ by the energy input (from 0.55 to 2.2 kW) and capacity. All tools effectively pump the percolating liquids from the landfill, they can be used to sample the leachates and groundwater, and to drain the wells. We have the devices specially designed to work with the fluids that contain hydrocarbons.

The advantages of these pumps are:

  • troubleproof and durable materials;
  • simple but effective design;
  • adjustable length of the electric cable;
  • the wide range of the fluid temperature, up to +40 degrees.

All OFT Pumps are certified with ATEX, which means they can be employed in the explosive atmosphere.

Pneumatic pumps

Geotech and Viridian pneumatic pumps use the air pressure from the compressor instead of electricity. In some cases it can be beneficial, providing safer and more cost effective performance. As well as the electric pumps, they have the ATEX certification and approved for use in the explosive sites. Our equipment is not afraid of corrosion and hazardous materials, it can effectively work for a long time without failures. Automatic and handy instruments can be used in the wells 2 inches in diameter. QED products are provided with 5 years of warranty, they can be easily removed, replaced and cleaned. You can choose the top or bottom loaders, depending on your needs.

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