Portable Gas Detection Equipment

Portable gas detectors and monitors are the best instruments to advance the security of workers and inspectors during scheduled and response checks in a wide range of fire dangerous and explosive situations with the risk of hazardous materials or radiation. They can be applied at plants, oil and gas stations, exploration, places of technological disasters, mines, buildings, and constructions, for fire overhaul, during detection of toxic leaks, at public events, and in crowded areas, both open and confined, and in many other situations, where the safety needs special attention. They can also help to control the environment and indoor air quality.

Single-gas and multi-gas monitors

There are several different models of portable gas detectors. First of all, they are divided on the principle of quantity and type of gas sensors they have. There are models with only one sensor programmed to detect single gas. They are effective in situation with well-known threat, usually they serve to protect personnel and the worksite from CO and H2S.

Multi-gas monitors keep safety in the most dangerous conditions. They can execute multiple tasks, have more than 30 sensor options, and protect from a wide range of hazardous and dangerous elements. Such gas-analyzers are designed for complex indications of chemical and radioactive threats, they have advanced chemical sondes that detect several gases or vapors at once. Depending on the model, can include a photoionization detector and nondispersive infrared sensor to signalize gases.

Detectors can be diffusion and pumped. Pumped versions inlet air automatically when they are switched on. Diffusion monitors and detectors use the natural airflow, or, as a variant, can get samples manually with the help of an aspirator or sample line.

RAE Systems

One of the biggest and best providers of wireless, rapidly deployable, and precision gas monitoring equipment in the world is RAE Systems. Their portable gas detectors all have the highest quality, and the best reputation, and are certified by most standards (e.g. CSA, ATEX, IECEx) to be acceptable all over the world. Their common and key characteristics are:

  • Photoionization Detector UltraRAE 3000Integrated wireless technologies that help to keep the command center informed in real-time, enhance the security, and minimize downtime;
  • Handy and comfortable design, all models are easy to use, wearable and the screens are bright, and can automatically flip for comfortable reading.
  • Integrated GPS system for monitoring the tracks to find other workers;
  • Multi-way notification, local and wireless to the command center, including up to 100 decibels sound alarm, light signal, and vibration;
  • Man-down alert, which provides the command center about man-down situations.
  • Dust and waterproof construction.

Personal portable gas detectors and monitors of the RAE Systems family give timely and adequate information about ambient air. They have reliable systems of connection and do not need long preparation and installation. The calibration takes only one button push, and all models are bump tested. They are irreplaceable in the long list of industrial, military, catastrophic, and everyday situations.

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