Geotech G100: CO2 analyzer for verification of incubators

What is Geotech G100 and how does it work?

The Geotech G100 is an innovative CO2 analyzer designed for the monitoring and verification of incubators. This tool is essential to ensure that the environment within the incubator is optimal for the growth and development of biological samples.

The Geotech G100 uses advanced technology to accurately measure CO2 concentration. This information is essential to ensure that CO2 levels are kept within desired limits and that there are no significant variations over time.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the Geotech G100 makes checking the CO2 concentration quick and easy. Measurement results are clearly shown on the display and can be logged or exported for further analysis.

The advantages of using Geotech G100

The use of Geotech G100 in the verification of incubators offers numerous advantages to ensure the safety and success of the incubation. This CO2 monitoring tool plays a vital role in the environmental control of CO2 levels inside the incubators, thus contributing to the prevention of risks to the embryos.

Portable CO2 Analyser Geotech G100Incubation safety is a crucial aspect to ensure the healthy and correct development of the embryos. The Geotech G100 allows precise and continuous monitoring of CO2 levels inside the incubator, providing essential information to maintain an optimal environment for embryo growth.

Thanks to this advanced tool, it is possible to detect any changes or anomalies in CO2 levels, allowing operators to intervene promptly to correct the situation. This helps prevent potential damage to the embryos and maximizes the chances of incubation success.

In addition to CO2 monitoring, the Geotech G100 also offers other useful features for environmental control in incubators. For example, it can measure the temperature and humidity inside the incubator, providing detailed information on environmental conditions.

The main sectors that benefit from the use of Geotech G100

The use of Geotech G100 has proven to be particularly beneficial in several sectors, including biotechnology, IVF (in vitro fertilization), scientific research, and the pharmaceutical industry. This innovative instrument offers a number of features that allow you to accurately monitor and control the conditions inside the incubators, thus ensuring an ideal environment for the development and growth of biological samples.

In the field of biotechnology, for example, the use of the Geotech G100 allows operators to maintain a constant temperature inside the incubators, essential for the correct development of cell cultures. Additionally, monitoring humidity and CO2 levels can help optimize environmental conditions to promote optimal cell growth.

In the context of IVF, the Geotech G100 offers an accurate control of the temperature and humidity inside the incubators used to cultivate human embryos. This is crucial to ensure that the embryos are kept in ideal conditions throughout the IVF process.

In scientific research and in the pharmaceutical industry, the use of the Geotech G100 allows you to closely monitor the conditions inside the incubators used to grow specific cells or tissues. This ensures that research results are reliable and reproducible and that biological samples are maintained in optimum condition throughout the experiment.


The Geotech G100 is a reliable and accurate instrument for monitoring the CO2 concentration in incubators which offers numerous advantages in the fields of biotechnology, IVF, scientific research, and the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to this device, it is possible to guarantee an optimal environment for the growth of biological samples, thus improving the reliability of the results of scientific research or biotechnological processes.

Portable CO2 Analyser Geotech G100

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