AMS Professional Soil Sampling Kit

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AMS professional soil sampling kits are designed for soil sampling professionals who want the strongest, most durable connection on all of their new and improved augers, extensions, cross handles, slide hammers, and split-core samplers. They are AMS’s newest and most impressive soil sampling kits to date.

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AMS professional series sampling kits come with a regular auger and a mud auger (2 1/4in or 3 1/4in), as well as three 1.2 m extensions, 45 cm rubber-coated cross handle, 4.5 kg slide hammer, split-core sampler (2in x 6in or 1 3/8in x 6in), plastic liner, two end caps, rock breaker kit, cleaning brush, slip wrench, and two adjustable crescent wrenches. The pro series augers, core sampler, extensions, handle, and slide hammer all feature AMS’s strongest, most durable connection type.

Pro series augers have been beefed up from bit to bale. They feature the trusted AMS 3/4in threaded connection and have thick cutting teeth with strong welds and tungsten carbide hard surfacing. They are reinforced with gussets that are welded at both the top and bottom of the bail. These gussets help prevent the bail from bending or twisting when augering into hard or rocky soils, or when the augered hole is exceptionally deep.

The professional series extensions are constructed of a 1in-diameter chrome molybdenum tubing and are powder-coated safety orange for added rust resistance. The 4.5 kg rubber-coated slide hammer is equipped with a robust 3/4in-diameter inner slide bar that prevents bending. The split-core sampler caps include a thick (.800in) top cap for increased durability. The cap works with regular split-core cup sets. Split-core sampler dimensions are based on the OD of their liner. The OD of the sampler can be up to 1/2in larger. The AMS 3/4in connection may also be added to core samplers as well as other components. All components fit into an AMS deluxe carrying case. The case has handles and wheels for added portability.

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