Grundfos MP1 Pump – the best solution

Grundfos is a company that is well-known all over the world, it produces and distributes innovative and efficient water solutions for any need, in any field, based on various technologies. One of the greatest problems of the modern world is the pollution of the environment. Huge dumping grounds, industrial wastewaters, agricultural fertilizers, sewage disposal, and many other factors lead to the growing affluence of hazardous materials to groundwater. This is a big problem for modern society, as it ruins whole ecosystems, not speaking about the quality of people’s lives, as we do not have the natural sources of clean drinking water anymore.


The politicians and authorities all over the world pay great attention to the problem of ecology and clean environment lately. New rules and standards on how to treat wastes, provide security and safety in industry, transport, and storage of dangerous materials, were developed and applied in nearly all spheres of human activities. Grundfos company made generous investments in researches and inventions, thus it made its production one of the leading water equipment in the world. One of the facilities offered by the company is the Grundfos MP1 pump set.

Why Grundfos MP1?

Grundfos pumps are introduced in various designs and configurations. They are used for purging and sampling the groundwater in wells and tanks, may work in depths up to 200 meters and have different rates of water flow. Grundfos MP1 pump with the frequency converter is the submersible pump, designed and manufactured especially for wells as narrow as 2 inches, for easy and safe use by people without special education and professional experience. The benefits of this model are:

  • the narrow design, suitable for small working apertures;
  • the adjustable flow rate to perform various modes of work;
  • handy and comfortable configuration, easy to use and maintain;
  • different lengths of accessory cables from 30 to 90 meters deep, etc.


Grundfos MP1 pump is made of durable and firm materials, completely safe for the environment. The stainless steel does not strain and is proof of aggressive materials, solid particles, and high pressures. Together with the converter for Grundfos MP1, this pump makes a reliable and effective set of equipment for accurate monitoring and control of water supplies in different sites.


The Grundfos MP1 pump set is applied in the fields where there is a need in sampling or refining the groundwater:

  • for cleaning the water wells;
  • for continuous monitoring of groundwater composition;
  • for taking samples of water for laboratory researches.


You may control various contaminants, changes in water characteristics, find the sources of contamination with the help of our pump and converter. The pump itself does not interact with water, does not pollute the well. Changing the frequency with the help of a converter, you can perform different actions, from low flow sampling on the lowest speeds to efficient refining on the frequency 400 Hz. Grundfos MP1 pump set is a reliable and effective solution for monitoring and maintaining the water wells with little to no trouble for a budget-friendly price!

Submersible 2″ Pump GRUNDFOS MP1

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