Aquaread AquaSonde 6000

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  • Utilizes a new smaller built-in self-cleaning system
  • The smallest self-cleaning Aquasonde with a 55mm diameter
  • High levels of accuracy – utilizes field-tested Aquaprobe sensors
  • Perfect for long-term deployments – deployments up to 180 days
  • Large internal memory – can contain over 3 years of continuous data logging
  • 4 additional auxiliary sockets – any Aquaread optical and ISE sensors can be fitted
  • Easy to setup and deploy with the QuickDeploy Key
  • Manufactured in the UK
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The AquaSonde brings built-in data logging capabilities to the range of Aquaread multiparameter water quality testing probes. These self-powered sondes can be deployed for extended periods of data collection without the need for an external data logger. The AquaSondes are powered by internal lithium batteries to extend the duration of your deployments for as long as 180 days, model and logging rate dependent. All AquaSondes feature an internal memory that is capable of storing up to 150,000 full data sets, which equates to over 3 years of continuous data logging.

Each AquaSonde is supplied with a QuickDeploy Key, used to initiate the probe’s logging regime, and SondeLink PC software for complete logger setup, sensor calibration, and data collection.

Standard AquaSonde 6000 Parameters

  • pH
  • Specific EC
  • Absolute EC
  • ORP
  • TDS
  • Resistivity
  • Salinity
  • SSG
  • Temperature
  • Depth*

* Depth measurement is available when using a vented cable.



Additional information


IP68 (permanent immersion)


Min 75mm. Max 100m*


-5˚C – +70˚C


58 x 570mm

Weight (Inc Batt)



2x 3.6V Lithium D cells (not included).
Life greater than 10 months.

Memory capacity

150,000 full data sets

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