QED AutoPump AP4 Ultra

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  • Proprietary non-stick finishes on float and discharge tubes to reduce solids buildup
  • 100% air-powered operation
  • Corrosion-resistant 316-grade stainless steel metallic parts
  • Reliable air control mechanism
  • Ideal for high-temperature applications
  • ATEX Certified
  • Functions under positive or negative (vacuum) pressure environments
  • Does not require clean dry air to function properly and pumps particles up to 1/8 inch in diameter.
  • Air valves can pass 90-weight oil without fouling.
  • Able to pump products with specific gravity as low as .72
  • 5 Year Warranty
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AP4 Ultra builds upon the established AutoPump system, which has been the industry leader for over 30 years. Low-maintenance pump lasts up to 10 times longer between service events and requires 50% less time to clean.

The AP4 Ultra uses proprietary non-stick finishes on the float and discharge tube to reduce solids buildup, extending the time between cleaning and making it much faster and easier to clean the pump. All metallic parts are 316-grade Stainless Steel, which has greater corrosion resistance and can withstand the attacks of the harshest leachate. The AP4 Ultra’s redesigned air control mechanism uses no fasteners or cotter pins for easier disassembly and greater reliability.


  • Increase landfill gas extraction rates
  • Reduced risk of liquid leakage through liners and side slope failures
  • Lower rates of odors and non-methane organic compounds
  • Field tests have shown that the AutoPump AP4 & AP4.5 Ultra will last up to 10 times longer between service events. Tested in the most severe applications
  • Cleaning takes 50% less time, as determined by field tests
  • Simple disassembly with no fasteners and no cotter pins
  • AutoPumps require no surface timer-based controllers, bubblers, or sensors in the well to operate

AutoPump AP4 Ultra Applications

  • Landfill
  • Oil Refineries and Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Industrial Sites
  • Remediation Sites

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